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Latest News
The factors of influecing color coated sheet service life
2017-2-21 | Latest News

In the use of color coated panels, all aspects of the factors are likely to affect its life, mainly below three: 

First, the roof wall and fastener installation quality. The cause of the leakage of the roof of the steel plate is that the lap joint is not sticky, the joint length is too short, the roof tile and the pressure type color plate joint, the structure is not correct, not dense. Can not stand from the leading wind storms, causing leakage. Zhejiang coastal, some pressure-type color plate construction, purlin spacing is too large, too little fastening screws, lack of pull resistance, encountered a strong wind surface negative pressure, the roof was lifted off, causing a large leak. 

Second, purlin anti-corrosion ability. Single-layer roof structure commonly used open, screw through the roof and purlin connection, due to carbon steel screw corrosion caused by leakage. In recent years, there has been hidden, the screws do not reveal the roof, slit with undercut combination, through the joints in the stent and purlins connected, the structure is more complex. Although the structure changes, corrosion still exists. Purlin anti-corrosion capacity should be comparable with the pressure-type color plate, purlins and pressure-type color plate (bracket) lap joints usually can not be maintained, in the event of "acid rain" invasion, particularly vulnerable to corrosion, and even cause the structure disintegration.

Third, the fastener corrosion and gasket waterproof. Color steel plate indoor and outdoor temperature difference will make the house condensation, industrial atmosphere contains a variety of gases, these gases form acid rain, intrusion board joints directly to the screw, the screw rotten, the structure disintegrated.

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