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Latest News
The performance test of power angle
2016-4-14 | Latest News


The three groups of different components of Q420 power angle at room temperature tensile test, low temperature impact test, in which two components of test as comparison of a set of components. The results of tensile test and metallographic structure of three kinds of different compositions show that the content of vanadium is increased, the grain size is refined, and the strength is increased.

Which group of ingredients power angle and four different finish rolling temperature, through experimental study of final rolling temperature on low temperature toughness of power angle effect. The results show that with decreasing finish rolling temperature, the impact toughness of the power angle gradually reduced. In 860 Deg. C final rolling temperature and the low temperature impact toughness reached the maximum, and 986 DEG C final rolling temperature minimum; with a scanning electron microscope on four different final rolling temperature power angle in - 40 DEG C low-temperature impact hammer test fracture analysis, known from SEM photos: final rolling temperature for 857 and 873 DEG C power angle - 40 degrees Celsius temperature under ductile fracture; finish rolling temperature 924 and 986 DEG C power angle occurs brittle fracture, and low temperature impact test are consistent with the.


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